Bathroom Accidents: What you can do to prevent

Did you know that majority of slip and fall accidents at home mostly happen in the bathroom? With so many slippery, hard surfaces combined with the water create an environment where an accident can easily happen.

However, with a few preventative actions, you can considerably lower you and your family risk of sliding and falling when in the bathroom.

1.Get Rid Of The Throw Carpet

Unbelievably, these slippery floor covers are the most common cause of a household slip and fall If you can’t get rid of your bathroom carpet, try to fasten them using double faced tape, tacks, or slip resistant backings.

2. Use Anti-Slip Mat

Anti slip mat is made using internationally certified material that prevents slip on wet surfaces. The material adheres to the floor using anti-slip technology, therefore, making you and your family safe

3. Avert Tub Slippage

It should come as no surprise that the tub is the most ‘slippery’ part of the bathroom, especially when you are taking a bath or shower. Put in some non-slip strips, tiles or mats in your tub or shower to give yourself the additional grasp you need to prevent falls. Also, you should secure any loose corners on mats.

  1. Keep The Bathroom CleanEnsure you keep your tub or shower clean to counter slippery soap deposit or mold. Additionally, keeping your bathtub or shower properly maintained can stop them from getting damaged or wearing off which can raise your chances of an accident.

    5. Keep Everything Dry

    While you can’t always keep the actual tub or shower dry, you can ensure that the floor is. Always use a weighted shower curtain to make sure that no water leaks onto the floor. Also, Please try to clean up any surplus water that may have trickled onto your floor after showering with a towel to have things dry.

    6. Put Grab Rails Or Bars
    Maintaining your balance can get a lot tougher as you get older, particularly in seats and other areas where you want to lift yourself or those that are wet and slippery. Install grab bars or rails in or around the shower, bathtub, and the toilet to give you and others something sturdy to hold onto. You will find that grab bars and rails come in a large variety of lengths, textures, and styles so you should have no trouble finding one that fits your bathroom. However, it is important to note that a towel bar or soap dish is not a suitable substitute and will not be able to hold your weight.

    7. Light It Up

    While your bathroom is most likely well-lit during the day, the same cannot be said at night. Make sure that your bathroom lighting is adequately bright enough for your daily needs. Additionally, you may want to use a nightlight or install an illuminated switch to make the bathroom easier to find in the middle of the night. Some even use glow in the dark stickers or markings to create an easy to see the path from the bedroom to the bathroom.

    8. Raise Up Your Toilet Seat

    Is your toilet seat small? You should consider buying a toilet seat extender or a toilet with a higher seat. A low toilet seat can make it challenging to get up safely and takes a lot more effort to do so. If you are someone with flexibility issues, the last thing you need is to have anxiety getting up and down from the toilet.

    9. Get A Bath Or Shower Seat

    As you age, moving around or standing for extended periods of time can become challenging including when you bathe or shower. If you have mobility issues, you should consider getting a bath or shower seat. This will allow you a place to sit rather than lay or stand and thus prevent slipping.

    10. Install A Handheld Or Adjustable Shower Head

    Again, mobility issues can make showering a challenge. With a handheld or adjustable shower head, you can minimize your movements in the shower or use it safely with your bath seat.

    11. Never Rush

    Don’t ever rush to take a bath or shower. The bathtub and shower is very slippery and the water everywhere only makes it worse. This combined with ‘being in a rush’ almost guaranteed that you will end up slipping and falling.

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